A Thriving Washington County

Our community is blessed with an expanding employment base thanks to incentives for companies who add jobs. Remarkably, there are Washington County legislators trying to end these incentives and stop growth dead in its tracks.

You can see it everywhere – those cranes towering over new construction projects are dropping full-time jobs on our county one by one. It’s something we’re doing well, and it needs to continue.

With more people working, we’ll have the resources to fund our schools, transportation infrastructure and public safety efforts. I will protect the Strategic Investment and Gain Share programs that have helped make our county the strongest job creator in Oregon.

Stable Housing & Home Ownership

As manager of one of Tanasbourne’s largest communities, too-often I’ve leased apartments to families struggling with the setback of losing their homes.

Just as heartbreaking, is listening to stories from seniors who are faced with having to sell their homes because they can no longer afford the property tax on their fixed income. I have a plan to help keep seniors in their homes by allowing a lock-in of property tax rate for homeowners over a certain age.

I also have a plan to stabilize housing and offer renters a path to home ownership through a tax-credit savings plan that can be used for a down payment on a home.

Full Time Jobs for Oregonians

Oregon employers have recently been shedding full-time positions in exchange for part-time jobs. Health care mandates and burdensome employment regulations have forced many businesses to cut hours. Employment law should encourage 40 hour-a-week jobs, not prevent them.

I’ll advocate for more full-time jobs by examining and eliminating barriers to economic prosperity, not by punishing employers who have been forced to cut hours to stay afloat.

I want to make sure everyone who wants a 40-hour-a-week job has access to one. We should reward small companies who provide their employees with stable paychecks and benefits with the same incentives we offer larger employers.

Support Our Schools

Education must remain one of our top priorities. Without a strong base of knowledge, our children will not be able to compete globally and achieve the great things that have been possible for many of us before them. Accountability in spending, innovation in the classroom and expanding school options for families will be integral to ensuring our kids are receiving the best education we can give them. I am dedicated to finding solutions to improve the quality of Oregon’s education system for the next generation.

Fix the Economy

Without a prosperous economy, it is impossible to have successful schools, thriving businesses or the social services our communities need. We need to make Oregon a friendly atmosphere for business so companies move in to Oregon, employ our citizens and grow our economy from the inside out. By creating jobs and reducing regulations on small businesses, we will see more of the development, entrepreneurship and innovation that Oregon is known for.

Spend Smarter, Budget Better

We need to hold our Legislature accountable for where our tax dollars are going and how our money is being spent. We can’t begin to move forward until we take a hard look at what got us here—increased taxes on small businesses, poor budgeting in our state agencies, and a disconnect between what constituents need and what our legislature does. By spending smarter and budgeting better, we can ensure we have the funding for necessities like education, public safety and human services.